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Friend Memorial Library

September and October 2020 new items

Adult Fiction (eAudio books)

Cline, Ernest                    Ready player two

DeLuca, Jen                      Well played

Evanovich, Janet              Fortune and glory

Furst, Alan                        Under occupation

Penny, Louise                   All the devils are here

Schwabe, V. E.                 The invisible life of Addie LaRue

Simsion, Graeme             The Rosie project (Don Tillman series v. 1)

Simsion, Graeme             The Rosie effect (Don Tillman series v. 2)

Simsion, Graeme             The Rosie result (Don Tillman series v. 3)

Ware, Ruth                       One by one

Non-Fiction (eAudio books)
Wilkerson, Isabel             Caste

Adult Fiction (eBooks)

Baldacci, David                Daylight

Banville, John                   Snow

Burns, Anna                     Milkman

Cline, Ernest                    Ready player two

French, Tana                    The Searcher

Furst, Alan                        Under occupation

Joshi, Alika                      The henna artist

Michael Connelly            The law of innocence

Miller, Sue                        The arsonist

Miller, Sue                        Monogamy

Penny, Louise                   All the devils are here

Robinson, Marilynne      Jack

Rumaan, Alam                 Leave the world behind

Non-Fiction (eBooks)

Barber, Richard                Edward III and the triumph of England

Kahneman, Daniel           Thinking, fast and slow

LeFanu, Sarah                  Something of themselves: Kipling, Kingsley, Conan Doyle and the Anglo-Boer War

Mawdsley, Evan              The war for the seas: A maritime history of WW II

Obama, Barak                  The promised land

Sheff, David                      The Buddhist on death row

Wilkerson, Isabel             Caste

eBooks (Children/ YA)

By Nancy Springer (Enola Holmes series)

  1. The case of the missing Marquess
  2. The case of the left-handed lady
  3. The case of the bizarre bouquets
  4. The case of the peculiar pink fan
  5. The case of the cryptic crinoline
  6. The case of the gypsy goodbye (aka The case of the disappearing duchess)


 Fiction (Adult)

Adrian, Emily                                  Everything here is under control

Akhtar, Ayad                                  Homeland elegies

Akwaeke, Emezi                            The death of Vivek Oji

Backman, Fredrik                          Anxious people              

Burke, James Lee                          A private cathedral       

Center, Katherine                          What you wish for

Child, Lee & Andrew                     The sentinel

Clarke, Susanna                             Piranesi             

Cole, Alyssa                                    When no one was watching

Davis, Fiona                                    The lions of Fifth Avenue

Erdich, Louise                                 The night watchman

Ferrante, Elana                              The lying life of adults

Fforde, Jasper                                The constant rabbit                                   

Fogelson, Aliza                               The lending library

Follett, Ken                                     The evening and the morning

French, Tana                                  The searcher

Gainzia, Maria                                Optic nerve       

Galbraith, Robert                          Troubled blood

Grisham, John                                A time for mercy

Gyasi, Yaa                                       Transcendent kingdom

Haig, Matt                                      The midnight library

Hand, Elizabeth                             The book of lamps and banners

Hiaasen, Carl                                  Squeeze me      

Hilderbrand, Elin                           Troubles in Paradise

Hodgson, Antonia                         The devil in Marshalsea ( V. 1)

Hodgson, Antonia                         The last confession of Thomas Hawkins  (V. 2)

Hodgson, Antonia                         A death at Fountains Abbey (V. 3)

Hodgson, Antonia                         The silver collar (V. 4)

Hoffman, Alice                               Magic Lessons

Johnson, Craig                               Next to last stand

Kim, Nancy Jooyoun                     The last story of Mina Lee

Kline, Christina Baker                   The exiles

Koontz, Dean                                 Elsewhere

Leilani, Raven                                 Luster  

Leunens, Christine                        Caging skies

Maizes, R.L.                                    Other people’s pets

McConaghy, Charlotte                 Migrations        

Miller, Sue                                      Monogamy                                   

Mills, Kyle                                       (Vince Flynn) Total power  

Paolini, Christopher                      To sleep in a sea of stars

Parris, S. J.                                      Prophecy

Penny, Louise                                 All the devils are here   

Petrie, Nicholas                             The wild one

Picoult, Jodi                                    The book of two ways

Randall, Alice                                 Black Bottom Saints

Rindell, Suzanne                            The two Mrs. Carlyles

Robinson, Marilynne                    Jack

Rogers, Joel Townsley                  The red right hand

Serizawa, Asoko                            Inheritors

Slaughter, Karin                             The silent wife

Sparks, Elizabeth                           The return

Straub, Emma                                All adults here 

Tobar, Hector                                 The last great road bum

Ware, Ruth                                     One by one

Weiden, David Heska Wanbli              Winter counts  

Wiseman, Ellen Marie                  The orphan collector

Woods, Stuart                                Choppy water

Woods, Stuart                                Shakeup


Short Stories

Child, Lee (editor)                         The nicotine chronicles

Mosley, Walter                              The awkward black man                    

Rash, Ron                                        In the valley


Non-fiction (Adult)

America’s Test Kitchen                 Cooking for one

Bayda, Ezra                                     Aging for beginners

Benjamin, Lorr                               The secret life of groceries: the dark miracle of the American supermarket

Beresford-Kroeger, Diana              The sweetness of the simple life

Broeksmit, Jane                             A certain number of words                

Broeksmit, Jane                             Keeping mistakes                                      

Broeksmit, Jane                             Standing Still                                

Cohen, Michael                             Disloyal             

DaCdeviren, Musa                         The Turkish Cookbook

David, Bertrand                             The oldest enigma of humanity

Davidson, Jane                               #FutureGen                     

Davies, Kevin                                  Editing humanity

Dolin, Eric Jay                                 A furious sky: The 500 year history of America’s hurricanes

Elbroch, Mark                                The cougar conundrum

Galvan, Liz Marie                           Cozy white cottage

Garten, Ina                                     Modern comfort food   

Giggs, Rebecca                              Fathoms: The world in the whale

Grant, Gay                                      Destination unknown

Hanson, Rick                                  Buddha’s brain

Hibberd, James                              Fire cannot kill a dragon

Katz, Sandor Elix                            Fermentation as a metaphor

Lauck, Jennifer                               Blackbird

Lauck, Jennifer                               Still waters

Lepore, Jill                                      If then  

Lesser, Elizabeth                            Cassandra speaks

MacDonald, Heather                    The diversity delusion

MacDonald, Helen                        Vesper flights

Macintyre, Ben                              Agent Sonja

Mackenzie, Debora                       COVID-19                                                      

Matteson, George                         Tugboat stories

Mikhail, Alan                                  God’s shadow

Nguyen, Quang Van                      Fourth uncle in the mountain

O’Connell, Mark                            Notes from an apocalypse

Ohler, Norman                               The Bohemians

Puchner, Martin                            The language of thieves             

Seib, Gerald                                    We should have seen it coming

Schapdick, Chris                            Building your tiny dream house    

Snyder, Timothy                            Our Malady                                                

Tekiela, Stan                                   Majestic eagles

Wilkerson, Isabel                           Caste   

Willan, Anne                                  Women in the kitchen

Winston, Diana                              The little book of being

Wolkoff, Stephanie                       Melania and me

Woodward, Bob                            Rage                   


YA Books

Fiction, non-fiction and graphic

Anderson, M. T.               The daughters of Ys

Jackson, Tiffany               Grown

Nayeri, Daniel                  Everything sad is untrue

Oppel, Kenneth               Bloom  

Parkin, Simon                 An illustrated history of 151 video games

Revenson, Jody                Harry Potter: the character vault

Riordan, Rick                   The Tower of Nero (Apollo series)                 


Fiction (Children)

Barron, T. A.                     The lost years (V. 1)

Barron, T. A.                     The Seven songs  (V. 2)

Barron, T. A.                     The raging fires (V. 3)

Barron, T. A.                     The mirror of fate (V. 4)

Barron, T. A.                     A wizard’s wings (V. 5)

Barron, T. A.                     The dragon of Avalon (V. 6)

Barron, T. A.                     Doomraga’s revenge (V. 7) coming soon

Barron, T. A.                     Ultimate Magic (V. 8)

Carter, Caela                    How to be a girl in the world    

Glaser, Karina Yan           The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street (V. 1)

Glaser, Karina Yan           The Vanderbeekers and the hidden garden (V.2)

Glasser, Karina Yan         The Vanderbeekers to the rescue (V. 3)

Mull, Brandon                 Dragonwatch (V. 1)

Mull, Brandon                  Wrath of the dragon king (V. 2)

Mull, Brandon                  Master of Phantom Isle (V. 3)

Mull, Brandon                 Champion of the Titan Games (V. 4)

Pilkey, Dave                      Grime and Punishment   (V. 9)

Shelley, T. C.                     The monster who wasn’t

Sweet, Johanna               Corona Island

Walliams, David               Bad Dad                                          

Walliams, David               Demon dentist                                            

Walliams, David               The midnight gang                                            

Woodson, Jacqueline     Before and ever after                                             


Picture Books

Adam, Rex                                                                                 On account of the gum                                   

Barnett, Mac; illus. by Harris, Shawn                               A Polar Bear in the snow                          

Beaton, Kate                                                                              The princess and the pony  

Benton, Jim                                                                                Comet, the unstoppable reindeer

Chabon, Michael                                                                       Awesome man: They mystery intruder

Dawn, Casey; illus. by Godbout, Genevieve                        Apple cake                                                

Dean, Kim & James                                                                   Falling for autumn (Pete the cat)

Lam, Tha                                                                                     The paper boat        

Litchfield, David                                                                        Lights on Wonder Rock

Smith, Emma Bland; illus. by Potter, Jennifer                Claude (true story of a white alligator)

Board Books

Gibbons, Gail                                 Apples                

Children’s Graphic

Van den Ende, Peter                                                                The wanderer                                                                   

 Non-fiction (Children

Chambers, Veronica; illus. by Ahanonu + 11 others)     Finish the fight

Gall, Chris                                                                                   Jumbo, the making of the Boeing 747   

Green, Jen                                                                                  The magic of trees

Kennedy, Katie, Kirchner, Ben and Roosevelt, Kermit    The Constitution Decoded                               

Fleming, Candace; illus. by Julie Downing                           Cubs in the tub

Moore, Kate                                                                              Radium Girls

Ralphs, Matt; illus. by Nuria Tamarit                             Season of the witch

Turk, Evan          A thousand glass flowers (Marietta Barovier & the invention of the Rosetta bead)                                             





All is true

Big fish (new to us)

A Dog’s Journey  

Handmaid’s Tale (Season 3)

Miss Fisher and the crypt of tears

Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries (Series 2 & 3)

The professor and the mad man

A Sunday in the country (new to us)

Van der Valk mysteries V. 1

Vanity fair (V. 1 & 2) (new to us)

When Harry met Sally (new to us)




Asian Americans (PBS)

Eyes on the prize /America’s Civil Rights years  3 discs (PBS)

The magical land of OZ (Explore the curious & wonderful wildlife down under)

The Vote (PBS)


 Audio books on CD

Camilleri, Andrea                                         The other end of the line

McCall Smith, Alexander                            44 Scotland Street

Penny, Louise                                               All the devils are here

Wilkerson, Isabel                                         Caste