Wooden lamps by Louis J. Charlett, handmade paper lamp shades made by Gigi Sarsfield and inspiring story telling wall hangings by Chris Leith help to warm and enchant the library.

Louis J Charlett lamp with Gigi Sarsfield shade
Wooden lamp by Louis J. Charlett with handmade paper shade by Gigi Sarsfield

 Louis J. Charlett
One of my earliest memories is playing with the buttons from “the button box.”   ….not an actual box but a tin Fruit Cake can.  You know what I mean if you are of a certain age.  I created designs.  I built roads, towns and houses…..  animals real and fantastic………….  those buttons never failed to offer me infinite possibilities for expression. Today I look at wood the same way.  Each piece is unique and offers infinite possibilities.



The Redwood forests of Northern California and Southern Oregon were logged, almost to extinction, in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  The remaining “Old Growth” trees are protected.  What remains of the ancient trees, that were felled, are the slowly decaying stumps and unwanted logs.  This particular piece of Redwood was salvaged by, the legendary, George Buck, who has been doing it for over 53 years.



Wooden lamp made by Louis J. Charlett and handmade paper shade made by Gigi Sarsfield.

Gigi Sarsfield

A production hand papermaker since 1994, I specialize in artist-grade and lampshade papers.

Bits of fiber from walks in the woods or along the sea find their way into some of the papers – tufts of cattail, small bits of lichen.

Mill ends from a textile mill in Guilford Maine, thrums from handweaver friends, garlic stem from Four Seasons Farm, traditional papermaking fibers from Thailand and the Philipines, rag from places less exotic.

Bright pigments ground from the earth.

Never satisfied for long, the vat will metamorphous from one color to the next with all the steps between the two.

The result is a rich palette of handmade papers in many different shades and textures.


“Maine Lobster Boat” 
Use as a wall hanging or table runner. Made by fiber artist Chris Leith.
Lobster boat print made by Michele Levesque.