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Fiction DVDs
Bletchley Circle, San Francisco
Come away
The Crown (Season 3)
Dr. Seuss’ how the Grinch stole Christmas!
Fisherman’s friends
Inspector Lewis (Season 3 and 4)
Shetland (Season 5)
Tom Jones
The war with Grandpa (12/22)

Non-fiction DVDs
Breaking the Maya Code
Toni Morrison: the pieces I am

Adult Fiction (eAudio books):
Backman, Fredrik                         Anxious people
Bennet, Brit
                                      The vanishing half
Cousins, Sophie                             This time next year
Dodd, Christina                             Wrong alibi
Doiron, Paul                                   Stay hidden
Haig, Matt                                       The Midnight Library
Kepler, Lars                                    Lazarus
McCrina, Amanda                        Traitor
Smiley, Jane                                   Perestroika in Paris

Smith, Alexander McCall              44 Scotland Street series
44 Scotland Street
(book 1)
Espresso Tales
(book 2)
Love over Scotland
(book 3)
The world according to Bertie
(book 4)
The unbearable lightness of scones
(book 5)
The importance of being seven (book 6)
Bertie plays the blues (book 7)
`Bertie’s guide to life and mothers (book 9)
The revolving door of life (book 10)
The Bertie project (book 11)
A time of love and tartan (book 12)
The peppermint tea chronicles (book 13)
A promise of ankles (book 14)

Smith, Alexander McCall (other books)
How to raise an elephant
My Italian bulldozer
The second-worst restaurant in France
The No. 1 Ladies’  Detective Agency (BBC radio casebook) volumes 1 & 2

Morrison, Toni                              The bluest eye
Yu, Charles                                     Interior Chinatown


Non-Fiction (eAudio books):
Lebovitz, David                             L’appart
(The delights and disasters of making my Paris home)
Nasaw, David                                  The last million
Obama, Barack                             The promised land
Sedaris, David                               The best of me
Sincero, Jen                                   Badass habits

Adult Fiction (eBooks):
Benedict, Marie                            The mystery of Mrs. Christie
Bennet, Brit                                   The vanishing half
Clarke, Susanna                           Piranesi
Kirn, Walter
                                    Blood will out
Morrison, Tony                            The bluest eye
Nasaw, David                                The last million
Roberts, Nora                               The awakening
Smiley, Jane                                  Perestroika in Paris
Smith, Alexander McCall         How to raise an elephant
Williams, Joy                                Honored guest


Adult Non-fiction (eBooks):
Green, Henry                                  Pack my bag
Lehr, Dick                                        Dead reckoning
Leibovitz, David                            L’appart (The delights and disasters of making my Paris home)
Meek, James    
                               To Calais, in ordinary time
Obama, Barack                             A Promised land
Parton, Dolly                                 Dolly Parton, songteller

YA (eAudio books):
Angeles, Janella                           Where dreams descend (Kingdom of cards series, Book 1)
Hale, Shannon                              Kind of a big deal
Ifueko, Jordan                            Raybearer
Nayeri, Daniel                             Everything sad is untrue
Turner, Megan Whalen           Return of the thief

 YA (eBooks):
Ifueko, Jordan                               Raybearer
Nayeri, Daniel                               Everything sad is untrue


Children’s (eAudio books):

De la Cruz, Melissa                       Never after
Gaiman, Neil                                 Pirate stew
Sewell, Anna                                 Black Beauty

Children’s Fiction (eBooks):
Billiland, Raquel Vasquez         Sia Martinez and the moonlit beginning of everything
Grabenstein, Chris                      Mr. Lemoncello and the titanium ticket
Hest, Amy                                       The summer we found the baby
Kinney, Jeff                                   Rowley Jefferson’s awesome friendly adventure
Layne, Aliza                                   Beetle & the hollowbones
Pilkey, Dav                                    Cat kid comic club
Reynolds, Jason                          Look both ways
Wallace, Adam                             How to catch an elf

Children’s Non-fiction (eBooks):
Bieschke, Marke                           Into the streets (A young person’s visual history of protest in the U.S.)
Grimes, Nikki                                 Kamala Harris

Children’s Easy Readers (eBooks)
Elliot, Rebecca                               Eva in the spotlight
Scotton, Rob                                  Splat the cat and the cat in the moon

Children’s Picture (eBooks):
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti                Rain before rainbows
Wahl, Phoebe                                   The blue house

Children’s (eAudios)
Grabenstein, Chris        
              Mr. Lemoncello and the titanium ticket


Adult Fiction Books:
Ackerman, Elliot                          Red dress in black and white
Allain, Suzanne                             Mr. Malcolm’s list
Baldacci, David                             Daylight
Benedict, Marie                            Lady Clementine
Bertino, Marie-Helene               Parakeet
Clark, Mary Higgins                    Piece of my heart
Connelly, Michael                        The law of innocence
Davis, Fiona                                   The address
Davis, Fiona                                   The Chelsea girls
Davis, Fiona                                   The dollhouse
Davis, Fiona                                   The masterpiece
Evanovich, Janet                          Fortune and glory
Flagg, Fannie                                 The wonder boy of the Whistle Stop
Gregory, Philippa                         Dark tides
Harris, Robert                             V2
Hilderbrand, Elin                         What happens in paradise
Hill, Susan                                       The benefit of hindsight
Horowitz, Anthony                      12 Moonflower murders
Leon, Donna                                   Trace elements
Lethem, Jonathan                        The arrest
Mandel, Emily St. John              The glass hotel
McCall Smith, Alexander           How to raise an elephant
McCall Smith, Alexander           A promise of ankles
Moshfegh, Ottessa                       Death in her hands
Nesbo, Jo                                         The kingdom
Reichs, Kathy                                 A conspiracy of bones
Schwab, Victoria                           The invisible life of Addie LaRue
Steel, Danielle                               All that glitters
Taylor, Patrick                               An Irish country welcome
Walter, Jess                                   The cold millions
Wiggs, Susan                                  The lost and found bookshop                                                  

Adult Non-fiction Books:
Berg, Elizabeth                              I’ll be seeing you
(a memoir)
Bregman, Rutger                          Humankind: a hopeful history
Egan, Timothy                                A pilgrimage to eternity
Falk, Seb                                          The light of ages
Ford, Kelli Jo                                 Crooked hallelujah
Gabler, Neal                                   Catching the wind
Gravenson & Upham, ed.         In the fullness of time- 32 women reflect on life over 50
Obama, Barack                              A promised land
Ottolenghi, Yotam                        Ottolenghi flavor
Pepin, Jacques
                                Quick & Simple
Ricks, Thomas E.                          First Principles
Rodabaugh, Katrina                    Mending matters
Rubenstein, David                       How to lead: wisdom from the world’s greatest CEOs, founders, and game                                                                                            changers
Ross, Alex                                       Wagnerism
Smith, Maggie                               Good bones
Smith, Maggie                              Keep Moving; Notes on loss, creativity, and change
Stothard, Peter                             The last assassin
Svensson, Patrik                           The book of eels
Winspear, Jacqueline                  This time next year we’ll be laughing
(a memoir)


Adult Fiction Books on CD:
Child, Lee                                           The sentinel
Evanovich, Janet                             Fortune & glory
Galbraith, Robert                           Troubled blood
Gregory, Philippa                           Dark tides
Grisham, John                                A time for mercy
Jiles, Paulette                                  Simon the fiddler
Picoult, Jodi                                    The book of two ways
Preston, Douglas J.                      Old bones


Adult Non-fiction Books on CD:
Atwood, Margaret                                                     Dearly
Obama, Barack                                                           A promised land
Ricks, Thomas E. / Lurie, James                         First Principles


YA Books:
Rowling, J. K.                                 The Ickabog
Smith, Roland                               Peak
Smith, Roland                               The edge
Smith, Roland                               Ascent
Smith, Roland                               Descent

Children’s Books

Picture Books:
Levine, Arthur A. ; illus. by Hawkes, Kevin                                       The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol
Plourde, Lyn; illus. by Ricketts, Mark Scott                                     Happy birthday, Maine!
Roll, Lori; illus. by Kramer, Jill                                                             Turtle dreams
Roop, Peter; illus. by Savage, Jeremiah                                              Maine lobster ABC
Wiesner, David                                                                                              RoboBaby

J Fiction:
Anderson, Sophie                         The house with chicken legs
Arnold, Elana K.                            A boy called Bat
(book 1)
Arnold, Elana K.                            Bat and the waiting game
(book 2)
Arnold, Elana K.                            Bat and the end of everything  (book 3)
Barron, T. A.                                     Doomraga’s revenge (book 7)
Brailler, Max                                  The last kids on Earth survival guide
Brailler, Max                                   The last kids on Earth V. 1-3
Brailler, Max                                  June’s wild flight

Grabenstein, Chris                       The smartest kid in the universe
Kinney, Jeff                                    The deep end
(Diary of a wimpy kid series)
Sutherland, Tui                             The winglets quartet (the first four stories)

Easy Readers
Higgins, Ryan T. 
                         What about worms?
Willems, Mo                                 Biggie-biggie! (An Elephant & Piggie)


 J Graphic:
Brailler, Max                                 Galactic hot dogs
(books 1-3)
Clanton, Ben                                  Unicorn of the sea (book 1)
Clanton, Ben                                  Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt (book 2)
Clanton, Ben                                  Peanut Butter and Jelly
(book 3)
Clanton, Ben                                  Narwhal’s otter friend
(book 4)
Clanton, Ben                                  Happy Narwhalidays
(book 5)

J Non-fiction:
Biden, Jill                                        Joey: the story of Joe Biden
Goldman, Duff                              Super good baking for kids
Levy, Debbie                                  I dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsberg makes her mark

J Books on CD:
Forbes, Esther                               Johnny Tremain
Paulsen, Gary                                Call me Francis Tucker
Paulsen, Gary                                Dog Song