Thank you to Spencer Smith of Seapoint Media and Hanna Persson of Hanna Designs who created this special connecting event! They are partnering with the library and local artists to keep our creative community strong and connected.


Recording of Arts & Letters
on Jan 14, 2021 


If you have anything to do with words, books, the visual arts, crafts you’ll want to join the Penobscot Arts & Letters Party.


The Party will begin with a brief informal presentation of a subject.
For our first “party” we have invited Lynn Curran from Random Pottery:
‘Long ago, I found solace in working with ceramics, giving me a therapeutic space to create with my hands. Since then, itʼs been a lifetime of working
with clay, as a student, teacher, and artist. Learning to throw pots on the wheel all began as a junior camp counselor at Camp Vega, and I fell in love
with the process. After many years working as an apprentice, taking class, attempting to make a living as a potter several times, and now, working as
a potter, still I am in love with the process. It’s a creative, problem-solving endeavor that is never ending. Random Pottery moved to Brooklin from
Harrison in Western Maine two years ago. The community here has been welcoming and very supportive and it’s so appreciated.”-Lynn Curran
But wait…there’s more!
After the brief talk, the Presenter will be open to questions, comments and will open up the topic to general discussion. Anyone with questions or
topics for the group is encouraged to speak up. There are no wrong questions!
Don’t live in the area year ‘round? Fine! Come ahead!
Wine drinking is not frowned upon. But on Zoom it’s BYOB.
Hosted by Spencer Smith and Hanna Shea Persson
Spencer Smith is Director at Seapoint Books + Media. He has been a trade publisher of travel guides, business and marine topics, among others. He
was Publisher of a New England food and wine magazine.
Hanna Shea Persson is a designer with a background in Costume Design for both film and theatre as well as experience teaching at New Zealand’s
Drama Premiere School, Toi Whakaari and working as the Director of Outreach for the Manatee Preforming Arts Center in Florida.
Sponsored by the Friend Memorial Library of Brooklin, Maine
A R T S & L E T T E R S
Hanna B. Designs
Jan. 14th at 6PM (E.S.T.)