Please come in to see our March artist exhibit. Watch the interview with Heather.

My name is Heather Rose and I grew up in Salt Lake City. I spent most of my free time exploring the deserts of Southern Utah. With the beauty of the Southwest all around me, it was inevitable that desertscapes and wildflowers would become a passion for me. I moved to Brooksville, Maine in the Spring of 2020 and have spent the past year acquainting myself with the very different beauty of the Northeast. My Work – My art is centered on the stark juxtaposition between the natural expression of Life and the mystery of Death. My medium is floral design and through my work, I seek to marry those two concepts. It is my goal as an artist to encourage contemplation of Life meeting Death and the grace that can be found there. I have foraged the material used in my pieces from various places around the country; most notably from Utah, the Pacific Northwest, and Maine.


Bison skull with dried flowers
origami cranes hanging from clear string