What a wonderful day! Thanks to all!

Volunteers, donors, authors, board members, community partners, and staff all made this happen.

Steve Ahola

Roger Angell

Baird Oddfellows Hall Use

Peter Behrens

Ellen Booraem

Brooklin Candy Company

Brooklin General Store

Brooklin Inn

Basha Burwell

Nick Carter

Bill Cohen

Michele Corbeil

Eden Cowart

Anne Dentino

Blixx DeSantis

Brooke Dojny

Richard Dojny

Shiloh Eaton

Firsts Baptist Church

Katherine Fletcher

Karen Foster

Kathleen Hackett

John Hodgman

Jon Hopkins

Stacey Hutchins

Marge Irvine

Lindsay Goodale

Becky Kerlin

Jill Knowles

Blossom Kravitz

Leaf & Anna

Geo Matteson

Rob McCall

Lyn Mayewski

Peggy Moorman

Elizabeth Parson

David Porter

Nancy Reinish

Kim Ridley

St. Francis Church

Spencer Smith

Brittney Sobol

The Treble Makers

Katie Schoettle

Tracy Spencer

David Tarr

Ann-Margaret Thomas

Gretchen Wilson

Woodie Wisebram


Thank you to all who attended! Thank you to our Board for creating, planning, and working hard to make this event happen!

Thank you to our community partners who donated prizes for the raffle.
Brooklin Candy, Brooklin General Store, Brooklin Inn, Leaf & Anna, Oddfellows Hall, and Red Beard’s Trove

Thank you to the authors who donated books to the raffle and signed books at the event!
Roger Angell, Peter Behrens, Ellen Booraem, Basha Burwell, Kathleen Hackett, John Hodgman, George Mattson, Rob McCall, and Kim Ridley

Thank you to our bakers who made cakes, cookies, and cupcakes!

Have a happy summer!