Artist reception March 19 from 1-2pm with Hilary Tobin’s Island Meadow Arts Students.


Artist Reception on Saturday, March 19, from 1-2PM


Three children with to adults in the art exhibit room at Friend Memorial Library
Sitka Leavenworth, Sarah Koljonen, Annika Leavenworth, Jade Leavenworth, and Hilary Tobin

This month the art is provided by Hilary Tobin’s Island Meadow Art Students
Thank you for sharing your vibrant art!
It is sure to bring cheer to all.


Logo for island meadow arts

I have begun Island Meadow Arts with the desire to inspire young artists to explore, to
be curious, and to create. I hope to open new doors of possibility, perspective, and
self-discovery in young artists. At Island Meadow Arts we offer homeschool classes,
mobile art classes, toddler and parent classes, and Saturday studio classes. In our classes
we aim to encourage students’ exploration, enliven imaginations, and bring art history
to life through a variety of mediums. Our classes offer student choice and focus on
experimentation and process. Nature arts, painting, drawing, sculpting, and
printmaking are among some of the mediums students have the opportunity to work
with. Students get individual attention in a focused environment. If you are interested in
classes or want to learn more check out