Art for anyone who loves Brooklin! Cards and prints are available for purchase. Mary is donating 40% of all sales to the library.

computer generated image of Mary McRae

Meet Mary McRae

I’ve long considered myself a skilled craftsperson; an artisan. Over the years I’ve painted primitive landscapes and house portraits, stitched fiber art, knit intricate lace pattern work, and have recently turned my attention to digital illustration. Armed with an iPad, an iPencil, and the Procreate app, I create illustrations of my local surroundings, of interesting people, flora and fauna, and my favorite: the buildings – churches, schools, libraries, landmarks, homes, barns, and cottages – that catch my eye. Since relocating from Vermont to the Maine Coast two years ago – a move over 30 years in the making! – I’ve been capturing the essence of this place; from the town wharfs with their lobster traps piled high and boats in the distance, and the blueberry barrens, to our little farm stands, farmers’ markets, and the buildings where our community gathers – the place I can finally call home.

image of computer generated cards by Mary McRae on display at the library    Note cards and posters by Mary McRae are for sale at the library.
Mary is donating 40% of her sales to the library. Thank you!