Summer Writers' Group LogoThis summer at the Friend Memorial Library we will be hosting a writers group, culminating in a reading on September 3rd at 6PM. We will meet on Saturday mornings at 10AM in the library or (weather permitting) outside in the Katharine White Garden. Each week we hope to hear from writers, workshop pieces, and prepare for a reading at the end of the summer.

The summer writers group will begin on June 18th at 10:00AM. All you need to bring is an idea, or a short piece that you want feedback on. During the hour (or longer if we deem it necessary) we will read pieces and critique in an open and supportive environment and promote different kinds of writing.

If you want to bring poetry, a short story, creative nonfiction, or a few pages of a longer piece that you are working on that’s fine. All writing is welcome!

For more information on the Summer Writers Group, stop in, call us at 207-359-2276 or email us at We hope to see you there!

P.S. You don’t want to know how much research we did on the difference between Writers, Writer’s, and Writers’. Ultimately, we decided on Writers since it is a group composed of writers. For more information on this, here is the link we used for our reasoning. Happy writing!