Tara Mason Art 2
Photo courtesy of Tara Mason

Our artist for July is Tara Mason, make sure to stop by the Library during the month of July to take in some of her artwork that will be displayed in the gallery, and read her bio below:

I grew up in a professional artist family with an emphasis on art, beauty and nature. I’ve worked in many mediums, silk painting, watercolor, fabric design, assemblages, wood mobiles, and card making.

I moved to Brooklin Maine in 1984 with my young family from the Annapolis, Md area. The materialistic zeitgeist of the area we lived in no longer fed us. It drove us to move north to the coast to a more nature based life.

Tara Mason Art
Photo courtesy of Tara Mason

This place I’m rooted in helped me be grounded in the last several years of uncertainty. I walked religiously, wrote, cooked, tended vegetables, took up daily pencil drawing again and took two courses resulting in professional certification.  My show is a selection of some of the pencil drawings of dried and fresh plant life collected on walks. I hope you will see in my work the beauty, even a dried blade of grass holds.

My work will be shown at The Little Gallery in Surry starting in July. My cards are for sale in the Brooklin Store, BH Coop, BH Books, Rooster Brother, Farnsworth Gallery Store and Springwoods Gallery, Sullivan.
I may be reached through the Brooklin Library.