Friend Memorial Library

Receives Maine Grants and Local Support


August 18, 2022 – Brooklin –  The Directors of the Maine Community Foundation have approved a $18,620.00 grant to the Friend Memorial Library for an energy efficiency study with window sashing repairs and upgrades to the exterior of the 1912 Colonial Revival building. The grant was announced today by Ann-Margaret Thomas, library director.  The funding for the grant was provided by the Belvedere Historical Preservation Fund (Downeast) ($16,170.00) and the Belvedere Historic Energy Efficiency Fund ($2,450.00) of the Maine Community Foundation at the recommendation of the advisors.

 The grant comes at an opportune time. The Board’s agenda has included thoroughly evaluating the energy efficiency of the building before making professionally recommended updates. Additionally, repair to antique windows, washing, sanding, priming, and repainting the building’s exterior will happen before winter time.

The contractors who submitted estimates are scheduled to begin work as soon as possible. John Monaghan, Jr., CEM, CEA, LEED AP of Project Management & Energy Solutions, LLC will complete the energy assessment (audit). Roger Hutchinson will make repairs to wooden trim on the building before it is thoroughly washed, sanded, primed, and painted by Patten Painting, LLC.

The Friend Memorial Public Library is grateful to the Maine Community Foundation and all who make this work possible. Working together, we can better serve our community while promoting lifelong learning.