Fiber Artists of the community

For the month of February, the Library will be showcasing fiber art from the community. The artists who are presenting their art are:

Lauren Allen

Daksha Baumann

Mice by Daksha Baumann

My hands always seem to be busy with fiber work and I’m sure my occupied hands help to keep me sane in our challenging world. I knit, crochet, sew, braid rugs, embroider, spin, and felt to make anything from clothes, accessories and rugs to 3D mixed media fiber sculptures. My background is in art education, and I’ve been a professional gardener around the peninsula.
My garden career informs much of my work and has provided raw materials for some of my fiber pieces. I’ve collected plants for natural dyeing, willow stems for baskets and sweet grass and daylilies leaves to make cordage. I’ve enjoyed searching out unusual materials to use in my fiber work and often recycle materials found at local thrift stores, yard sales, town dumps and from our shorelines. If something is longer than it is wide it counts as a worthy fiber to use by me.

                           Ken Carpenter

             Amy Chase

Bag and woodland creatures by Amy Chase

Amy is a fiber and glass artist living in Brooklin, Maine with her husband and Black Lab. She loves to play, experiment, and expand her skills in both mediums, inspired by all the natural habitats and their inhabitants surrounding us.

             Chris Leith

Weaver, dyer, textile designer…. I have always loved thread and simple stitching. It settles my restless mind as I stitch intuitively with no particular product in mind when I begin. Stitches emerge and wander. My thoughts are mended together.

                                Stella Markey

Stella started quilting during the pandemic and hasn’t stopped. YouTube videos played a key role in learning how to make quilts. Stella loves making baby quilts.

     Lyn Mayewski

Lyn Mayewski works in a variety of mediums. The pieces on display are needle felted using Corriedale wool.

                    Judie McKechnie

Judith McKechnie hooked rug.

Emily Miller

Doll dress and child’s shirt made by Emily Miller

I’ve been sewing for the past 10 years off and on, mostly baby quilts, some costumes. This year, as a Christmas gift to my daughter Willow, I sewed her a shirt and matching dress for her doll. She was so surprised and loved looking at herself and the doll in the mirror.
Sewing without a pattern for the first time was interesting, but I had a willing helper who let me hold it up for size now and then. I mostly sewed it by hand due to early bedtimes, a sensitive little sleeper, and a very noisy sewing machine. Willow loves playing with my jewelry, especially necklaces, so I added some shell/salt water pearls and antique silver beads.
My mom sewed lots of delicate doll clothes for my sister and me growing up. What I made is definitely not perfect, and I’m hoping to continue that tradition, and keep learning with my own daughter.

Rebecca Sanborn

Tulips against a black background
Tulips at Midnight quilt by Rebecca Sanborn

In 1991, I made this quilt using a kit I purchased at a Quilt Show in St. Louis, Missouri. The colorful tulip fabric was part of the kit. I purchased the black background fabric. I usually use pastel colors in my quilts, so this was a step in a different direction. I really like the contrast between the colors and the black background. The wall hanging was machine pieced and hand-quilted by me.


                 Gigi Sarsfield- Paper shades

Lamps by Gigi Sarsfield

               Sue Staples

Lighthouse by Sue Staples



Pam Steele

Children's Sweaters by Pam Steele
Children’s sweaters by Pam Steele on display.

When I retired from my teaching and bookkeeping jobs I needed something to keep me busy. I decided to make my hobby of knitting into a “paying” hobby. I enjoy making children’s sweaters with “Maine” designs. Size 12 mos – Size 67 works well as I can make at least one a week.
A friend in Stonington who has a gift shop invited me tp put a few sweaters in his shop. I had hoped to sell at least four or five. They sold well and I have had them there and at another area shop for the last 25 years.
My hobby of knitting at time feels as if “the tail is wagging the dog” as I keep up with others.

Kirstin Tobiasson

Dyed silks by Kirstin Tobiasson




Here we have silk
dyed with easy nature materials
This is a color study
a very small step

When our dog is snug beneath the jotul stove
And then eases up the strength
to careen herself onto her back
and does that ‘legs akimbo’ thing
utterly open and assuredly content

When our dog does this

This palette does the same for me

february maine
grab the fleeting and soak up the glow

and ever,

                  Allison Watters

I’ve been knitting for almost 30 years and, in that time, have always had at least one knitting project going. I knit because I love the feel of the yarn in my fingers and because I like to keep my hands busy. I enjoy exploring texture, color and functionality. This hat is the latest project off my needles.


Some art is for sale and is marked as such. If you have questions about the exhibit, or the artists, you can contact us at