Following my recent announcement about Ann’s resignation, you are likely wondering about the future leadership of our beloved institution. I assure you that the library is in capable hands with Catherine Nevin, our newly appointed interim director.

Catherine Nevin, female with long brown hair in white and blue sundress
Catherine Nevin, Interim Executive Director

Catherine’s extensive experience leading the library’s digital transformation and technical assistance over the past two years has prepared her well for this role. Her dedication, passion, and familiarity with our community make her an ideal candidate to maintain the library’s operations seamlessly during this interim period. Moreover, Catherine’s deep-rooted connection to Brooklin, having been a patron of the Friend Library since childhood, gives her a unique understanding of our community’s needs and aspirations. It was Catherine’s lifelong love of libraries that led her to earn her Master’s in Library Science (with a concentration in Information Technology) from Simmons University in Boston last year.

To ensure a smooth and successful transition, we have established a dedicated team of trustees and patrons to conduct a thorough search for a permanent director. We have outlined key qualities for our future director, including experience in a rural community and small-town library environment, effective communication skills, and the ability to collaborate with staff members and the board of trustees to enhance our library services.

We are committed to finding the best individual to lead our library into the future. The application process is underway, and we encourage you to share the job announcement and full description with anyone who might be interested in this important role. We are accepting applications through September 1. We anticipate finalizing the selection process and welcoming a permanent director by January 15, 2024.

We understand the significance of the Friend Memorial Public Library in the heart of our community and remain dedicated to upholding its legacy of excellence. With Catherine’s leadership and the comprehensive search for a permanent director underway, we are confident that the library will continue to thrive and serve as a valuable resource for all.