Tom Curry

For August, the featured artist is Tom Curry. Some of you may remember the wonderful portraits that he displayed last year, but this time we are treated with his landscape paintings.

Artist Statement:

When I moved to Brooklin twenty-eight years ago with my wife Kimberly, I worked exclusively in pastels. I love this medium’s similarity to drawing and its immediacy, which allowed me to respond to this stunning place—light shimmering on Eggemoggin Reach, clouds towering over island-dotted ocean, and blueberry barrens blazing crimson in autumn.

Working en plein air, I aim to evoke the numinous essence of this land and these waters I’ve come to call home. I’ve worked in pastels for more than 40 years, which led me to a deeper investigation of color using oils. Though I’ve painted in oils for more than 20 years, I still love pastels. These pieces are from my private collection, and together represent an ongoing conversation with this place we call Maine, not merely a series of static landscapes, but a place constantly changing and profoundly alive.

Thank you for visiting.

More of my pastels can be viewed at my Brooklin studio by appointment by calling 207-664-8663

Find Tom at his website here.