Storing Carbon in Trees

Join the Brooklin Climate Response Committee and our guest speaker, Si Balch, to discuss the evolving picture of carbon storage in trees and the way climate change might affect forests. This talk will take place on November 9th, from 4:30 to 6.

Si Balch has over 3 decades of experience with trees, working as the Chief Forester and Silviculturalist for multiple wood-product manufacturers. He is the chair of Maine Woodland Owners for Hancock County and has traveled nationally and internationally to learn about forest management. He has experience in the field of climate change through his work on the Climate Smart Landowner Network program of Manoment and through his work with the Brooklin Climate response Committee.

The talk will review the ins and outs of the global stored carbon market in forests, delving into the central question of how to reduce CO2 emissions while still meeting the world’s need for wood. Si will also discuss the potential impacts of climate change on trees. Should be a great evening! A zoom link to this presentation will also be available at