Jadyn LaDeau

During the month of January, come and see the wonderful artwork of Jadyn LaDeau! Read her artist statement below:

Jadyn LaDeau was born and raised in Stonington, Maine, in 1998. As a child she always had an affinity for the arts: drawing, painting, dancing, acting, and playing violin were all some of her hobbies. In middle school she joined an art club of fellow teens and began drawing comic book characters, even designing a few characters and worlds of her own. She could be found drawing classmates on the bus and doodling on her homework. In high school and college she switched to drawing landscapes and portraits in ink and marker. She began working as a face painter at local events such as Winter fest and Fishermen’s Day.

In 2018 Jadyn joined the Deer Isle Artists Association, where she began attending a weekly drawing group with other local artists. She started branching out into different mediums such as digital drawing and gouache. During 2020, she found more time to focus on oil painting, and was able to continue showing her work at the DIAA through the pandemic. By 2021 she was working primarily in oil and gouache paint, while returning to her pen and ink roots from time to time.
Jadyn now lives in Deer Isle, where she paints through the fall, winter, and spring and works as a chef on a private island during the summer. In 2022 she began teaching workshops, as well as working as a visual arts mentor through Deer Isle Stonington High School’s internship program. On her days off she enjoys reading, exploring Maine, and walking her two cats.