Junk Emails and how to cut down on them

Email has been a useful tool for years now, and while many forms of communication have moved on, a hold notice from your friendly neighborhood library can easily get lost in the junk email that floods your inbox. But there’s actually a way to stop a lot of this! You might not be aware, but there’s actually a law on the books that prevents companies from emailing you if you unsubscribe from their mailing list. Every newsletter or junk email that you get will have somewhere, even if it’s small and hidden at the bottom, a place to unsubscribe from the list. Even the newsletter that you get from the Library each week has this feature. If it doesn’t have a place to unsubscribe and looks fishy at all, then you’re probably looking at actual spam, and shouldn’t interact with the message further.


I bring this up because with our new system, emails are the easiest way for you to find out if a book is ready for you to pick up at the library, and when people don’t come to get them, the refrain is always “Oh, my inbox is all junk mail.” And that is the case for many of us. If you think your inbox needs to be cleaned out, bring your laptop or phone into the library and we can help you unsubscribe to email lists that you don’t want to be part of. Don’t have a laptop? No problem! We can set you up on one of our public computers and help you clean out your inbox so opening your email is no longer something you dread. I hope this has been helpful!