Maggie Hunt

For the month of June, local artist Maggie Hunt will be showcasing her artwork. Find her artist statement below:

My paintings are almost exclusively based on memories- memories not just visual, but sounds, smells, temperature, how the air felt at the time, my mood. On the rare occasion that I start working with a photograph in front of me, the photo quickly becomes irrelevant and the painting goes on its own separate way.  I often feel that a painting already exists on the canvas and it’s up to me to find it.

Although my background is in the arts, glass and not painting was my original focus. My love of glass as a medium is often reflected in my paintings. Ethereal, mysterious, familiar but not quite… for me that is a description of a successful painting.

About ten years ago I was lucky enough to love to a small town way up the coast of Maine. A large barn anchored the property, with a long neglected chicken coop attacked. After mucking out, insulating and painting and adding windows, my studio was born. Lucky me.