THREE YEAR PLAN (2022-2025)

Mission Statement:
The Friend Memorial Library works cooperatively to support, promote, and enrich the community.

 Vision Statement:
We are an independent learning center which supports and promotes the ideals of life-long learning.  Our library assembles, preserves, and administers, in accessible and organized collections, books and related materials in order to provide stimulation, enlightenment and enrichment to our community of users.  We provide programs and services that encourage young children to develop an interest in learning, reading and the skills needed to succeed in school and life.  We work cooperatively with the Brooklin School Library in order to provide the best services for our children.  We provide current, high-demand, high interest materials, as well as a core collection, in a variety of formats for persons of all ages, and reference materials that are timely, accurate and useful to our patrons, as our budget and resources permit.   We identify community needs, provide programs aimed at meeting those needs and cooperate with other groups or individuals, in order to provide services designed to meet those needs.


 Physical Space

           – Apply for an ENERGY AUDIT via Belvedere Fund with the Maine Community Foundation to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and possibly reduce energy costs.
(Received a grant in August 2022 and Energy Assessment/ Audit completed by John Monaghan – October 2022)

          – Continue to ASSESS CURRENT INTERIOR SPACE and make decisions about subtracting/ adding/rearranging to maximize current needs.
(Started and ongoing Spring 2022-present)

(Spring 2022- ongoing)


          – Decide whether ADDITIONAL TEMPORARY SPACE is needed for summer (or other)
          programs.  If yes, approach owners of possible usable spaces.
(We added more outdoor tents for programs and Wi-Fi users -Summer 2022 – they are stored in the basement during wintertime.)


          – HIRE SURVEYOR to assess feasibility of adding to rear of current building to determine if
          this is even a possibility for the future.
(Land surveyed October 2022)

           – Consider CLEARING SOME LAND in the rear of the building.

           – Look into opening a PATH from the school to the library.
(Currently- October 2022-working on parking- Maine Department of Transportation informed us that we will not be able to have street parking starting spring 2023- for this reason we are working with neighbors and others to figure out a library parking lot that will be for use by all downtown visitors. The library will maintain the lot and it is open to all who visit Brooklin. We will need to make a path from the parking lot to the library.
We are also working to create a handicap parking space closer to the library. More information to come.)

          – Continue to think carefully about a possible NEW ADDITION WISH LIST;  prioritize list.
(Summer 2022- present)


          – ESTABLISH CONTINUITY OF STAFFING with additional part-time staff hire who has
          technology skills, other library experience, and ability to perform all library tasks willingly.
(Ann-Margaret Thomas has her Masters Degree in Library Science, obtained in 2015, and over 21 years of experience in larger libraries in Massachusetts and Maine. Catherine Nevin has received her Masters in Library Science Degree with a concentration in technology, Olivia Zubrowski is currently working on her Masters Degree in Library Science with a concentration in archives and special collections. She is also working at the Blue Hill Public Library and working on an internship with the Castine Historical Society.)

           – Formalize a VOLUNTEER program
(Spring 2022-present)

 Programs & Services 

          – Continue to offer high quality PROGRAMS such as children’s programs, walking groups,
          art exhibits, book group, lectures, etc., as are determined by the Library Director and
          within the library’s resources. 

          – Assess potential PARTNERSHIPS as they develop.
(Brooklin Food Corps, Blue Hill Heritage Trust, Brooklin School, and area artists – ongoing)

          – Implement a more extensive and more organized “Homebound patron DELIVERY SERVICE” with volunteers. 

           – Review library HOURS and consider expanding time open during all months (stay open
          later some days/ open earlier some days).



          – Revise BY-LAWS.  (Completed September 2022)

          – Use Board contacts to approach appropriate grant FUNDING AGENCIES, as necessary. 

          – Continue to attempt to obtain solid, up-to-date data on current and future Brooklin
          DEMOGRAPHICS to help with decision-making. 

          – ASSESS accepting LARGE COLLECTIONS.
          This will involve such things as:
                      – assessing the condition of materials
                      – how to preserve them
                      – how to make them available to the public

                       – whether or not to digitize
                      – decisions about a building extension
                      – hiring consultants
                      – fund-raising
                      – financial considerations such as insurance, staffing, etc.

          It will need a committee comprised of the director, board members and members of the
          Community.  (August 2022- present)