We are featuring local author photos, book lists, and bios in the side yard. We are using the StoryWalk® format and turning it into an Author Walk. For some authors you will also experience author interviews, recorded discussions, and solo video submissions below on our website.

Featured authors and illustrators outside the library include:
Roger Angell, Peter Behrens, Ellen Booraem, Michael Chabon, Brooke Dojny, Richard W. Emory, Jr., John Hodgman, Paul Mayewski, Thomas E. Ricks, Mary Kay Ricks, Susan Hand Shetterly, Ayelet Waldman, Martha White, and Rebekah Raye (As more authors /illustrators submit information and photos, we will make additions to the outside display).  Signed books by the authors are available at Leaf & Anna, across the street from the library.

Martha White interview spring 2020


Brooklin Author Ellen Booraem August 2020

Kimberly Ridley talks about Vernal Pools 2020