You can now support Friend Memorial Library with online donations as well as by mail.

Contribute to the Annual Appeal, make a Summer Donation, or honor a loved one any time of year.

Valentine Donations—from late January through February—For any donation of $5 or more a handmade valentine will be displayed at the library with your name or any name you would like to honor. Enter the names you want on the valentines in the box under Make a One-Time Gift.

Choosing to make an automated donation each month can make supporting your library easier.

Make a One-Time Gift

You can now make an online gift to Friend Memorial Library using your credit card or PayPal. Click the button below to make your donation.

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Be a Year-Round Friend

Support Friend Memorial Library all year long with automated monthly donations.

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To donate by mail: Friend Memorial Library, P.O. Box 57, Brooklin, ME 04616