Made by Fisher Moon Thalhauser
In the spring of 2020, while we were all in isolation and figuring out how to do remote learning, The Brooklin School held a contest for students to make either a birdhouse or a “Little Free Library.”  Fisher Moon Thalhauser (who is 8 years old) made this.  Her father helped her with measuring and cutting, her little 4-year-old brother helped her with the hammering and screwing, and her mom taught her how to use the Dremel tool for the title.

Fisher wrote:  “I made this Little Free Library because I had so many books and a lot of them I didn’t read anymore, so I thought this way other people would enjoy them.  I made it out of wood (that was recycled from a fallen down tree house), screws, and plastic.  I learned that you can make anything out of anything and you should measure before you cut.  I hope you like the books you find!”