Thank you to Heather Retberg from Quill’s End Farm in Penobscot and Molly DellaRoman from Five Star Orchard in Brooklin- you made this program happen!
Friday, September 10, at 1:30PM
Heather Retberg from Quill’s End Farm informs and answers your questions at the library.

Heather Retberg from Quill's End Farm

Please join us on September 10th at 1:30pm at the Friend Memorial Library in Brooklin, ME to hear Heather Retberg from Quills End Farm speak about Food Sovereignty Laws in Maine.  Did you know Brooklin has a Food Sovereignty Ordinance?  Come learn what that means for our local farmers and food producers and how it helps strengthen our community’s food system resiliency.  She will also speak towards new legislation for the State of Maine relating to its existing Food Sovereignty Law.