Thank you to Kimberly Ridley and Cathy Rees for their program at the library on Saturday, November 20, at 3PM – “Finding Wonder in Unexpected Places”

Finding Wonder in Unexpected Places
Program and Book Signing with Cathy Rees and Kimberly Ridley
Saturday, November 20 at 3 p.m.  at Friend Memorial Library
Winterland by Cathy Rees and Wild Design by Kimberly Ridley

“Finding Wonder in Unexpected Places” is at the heart of new books by Cathy Rees and Kimberly Ridley, who will present a program and book signing at Friend Memorial Library on Saturday, November 20, at 3 p.m.

Ridley, a science writer and author of award-winning children’s books, will reveal the design brilliance of the natural world in her new book Wild Design: Nature’s Architects, which Pulitzer finalist David George Haskell has called “A feast for the eyes and mind.”

Rees, an accomplished landscape designer with deep expertise in native plants, will share ways to use nature’s elegant designs in the winter garden from her new book Winterland: Creating a Beautiful Garden for Every Season, which ALA Booklist has praised as, “a rare treat that concentrates on enjoying the garden even at a time when it must be done from indoors.” A book signing will follow the program. Both books are published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Longtime friends, Rees and Ridley live in Brooklin. Their walks are never aerobic because they’re so engaged in exploring and admiring the natural world around them.