Three Brooklin artists, who enjoy exploring a variety of mediums, will show artwork at the Friend Memorial Library during the month of February.

Lindsay Goodale’s shadow boxes celebrate natural items such as found feathers, sea urchins, periwinkles and sand dollars.

A series of leaf prints combined with sterling silver leaves, by Lyn Mayewski, continues the nod to the natural world.

In contrast, Amy Chase and Mayewski have collaborated in “Sculpture with Heart,” a series of felted abstract sculptures by Lyn with lampworked glass hearts by Amy.

The exhibit may be seen during regular library hours.

Fern shadow box with green fern and silver fern in natural wood shadow box by Lyn Mayewski

Ferns by Lyn Mayewski


Sand dollars with sea weed in a shadow box by Lindsay Goodale

Sand Dollars by Lindsay Goodale


Snail shells in a spiral design with small crab body shell in a shadow box by Lindsay Goodale

Snail Shells with Crab Shell body by Lindsay Goodale