Thank you to Lindsay Goodale who curated this display with interesting facts.

Button, Button

My love of buttons started with my Granny’s button tin. The buttons were like gold coins that I could run through my fingers. I was especially drawn to mother of pearl buttons because of their beauty and and sometimes elaborate patterns, that were most often hand carved.

Pearl buttons are iridescent due to the inner layer, called the nacre, of the  oyster, mussel and abalone shells, to name a few, from which they are made.  This is why when you turn over a mother of pearl button, it might reveal the type of shell from which it was taken.

Mother of pearl was not just limited to buttons. Belt and shoe buckles, inlay on furniture, snuff boxes, ladies fans could be made from mother of pearl.

I consider my collection of framed mother of pearl objects works of art with which I enjoy viewing and decorating my home.

Enjoy, and take time to look at my books on buttons. They truly have a  fascinating history. Buttons reflect every kind of art and craft and standing in our social history.

Lindsay Goodale

April, 2022



Shadow box with mother of pearl buttons, needle case, and antique thimble.
Antique Mother of pearl shirt buttons, needle case, and thimble.


framed collection of eight antique mother of pearl buttons in a black frame
Antique Mother of pearl buttons with various designs.