Celebrating Roger Angell, champion of words and the library. We will miss you Roger! Thank you for the memories. In honor of you, we are reposting the footage from your 2020 birthday celebration in Brooklin. We will always hold you close in our hearts and minds.
Roger Angell “Brooklin Memories” iMovie audio and montage, “Beloved Local Friends” audio, a list of Roger’s books, and links to some of his writings are included on our site in celebration of his 100th Birthday.

Roger Angell photo by Bill Ray

Our hearts are with Roger’s family, close friends, and co-workers at The New Yorker.

We will  always remember August 8, 2020,  when the town of Brooklin celebrated your 100th birthday on the library lawn.  Maine Governor Janet Mills was there to proclaim Roger Angell Day, a celebration we can continue to look forward to for all years to come.  You spoke so eloquently and with such wit and humor.  The recollections you shared are priceless, and we are grateful to have them recorded for perpetuity.

You were an integral part of the town, and library, and we feel honored to have known you.

With full hearts and fond memories,

The Friend Memorial Library Board and Staff



Roger Angell Day
Saturday, August 8, 2020 was such fun! Thank you all for coming out and participating safely! Thanks to our wonderful library board, staff, and community members who made it all happen in a smooth fashion! Brooklin, Maine is a fantastic and caring community. 

Please look to the bottom of this page for the Ned Lightner video commissioned by Peggy Moorman if you missed the August 8th live event. Thank you!

About Roger Angell

On September 19, the longtime Brooklin summer resident Roger Angell will mark his 100th birthday. One hundred years – wow!

As the son of Katharine White, the stepson of E. B. White, and the brother of Joel White, Roger has deep family roots here, starting in 1933.

Roger is a lifelong resident of New York City. He graduated from Pomfret School and Harvard University.  He served in the Air Force in World War II, first as an instructor in machine guns and power turrets, and then, in the Pacific, as an editor and reporter for the GI magazine Brief. After the war, he became an editor with Holiday Magazine, and then, for fifty years, a fiction editor and writer with the New Yorker. His eleven books include humor, fiction, reminiscence, and seven baseball collections. Links to some or Roger’s New Yorker writings are below.

In 2014 Roger was inducted into the writers’ section of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the next year he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Roger recently reminisced about his long connection with Brooklin and its residents. You will find an audio-video production, Roger Angell: My Brooklin, and Beloved Local Friends (Audio Only), on this page.

We salute Brooklin’s own Roger Angell on his 100th Birthday!

Roger Angell: Brooklin Memories
(iMovie audio & montage)


Roger Angell: Beloved Local Friends
(audio only)


Links to some Roger Angell writings:


Roger Angell books include:

  • A Day in the Life of Roger Angell
  • Five Seasons: A Baseball Companion
  • Game Time
  • Late Innings
  • Let Me Finish, Harcourt, 2007
  • This Old Man: All in Pieces, Anchor Books, Penguin, 2016.
  • Once More Around the Park: A Baseball Reader
  • A Pitcher’s Story: Innings with David Cone
  • Season Ticket
  • Selected Shorts: Baseball, a Celebration of the Short Story
  • The Summer Game


Roger Angell Day Proclamation

Roger Angell banners at Friend Memorial Public Library Brooklin, ME                          (Photo by Brooke Dojny)


Photo by Kevin Madden


Roger Angell with Governor Janet Mills on August 8, 2020 (Photo by Kevin Madden)


Roger Angell with Governor Janet Mills (Photo by Kevin Madden)


Roger Angell at the end of his remarks on August 8, 2020   (Photo by Kevin Madden)


Brooklin Fire truck driven by Tom Morris                                (Photo by Kevin Madden)


(Photo by Kevin Madden)

The Full Treble Makers Band with Elle, Kevin and Paul

Treble Makers Band made it a party! (Elle Andrle, Kevin Poland, and Paul Welsh)

Event Video by Ned Lightner commissioned by Peggy Moorman